"Zillenfahrt" on the Danube


The Danube has been used by mankind since ancient times for transportation of its vital goods. Indispensable for this were "Zillen", traditional Austrian boats made out of wood.

On a trip with one of these traditional boats, you can enjoy a little bit of history of theDanube navigation and gain a unique insight into the beauties along the river.

The Witti family in Freizell has been manufacturing and renting these boats for centuries. Even if you do not have a boat license, you can go "on a big trip" after a detailed enrollment. The boats have a maximum of 6 PS and can accommodate up to 5 people. Guests with the appropriate license can also rent larger boats (max 30 PS, up to 7 persons).

Between the hydro power station Jochenstein and Aschach, you will see along a length of about 35 km numerous castles, ruins, beautiful gravel beaches, but also imposing, steeply sloping slopes as well as lovely villages. Hotel guests can also book a combination of a "cruise and a picnic"   on the Danube in Upper Austria




Zillenfahrt auf der Donau in Oberösterreich - Hotel Donauschlinge



Motorboat rent on the Danube

You want to rent a boat yourself? The Antares 7.80 is for your disposal!

Enjoy the beautiful landscape from the water, either alone or with friends. For more information, please find some more information on: